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VOL: 20  NO: 41 § OCTOBER 11, 2019        #CANINDIANEWS

        Overall the immigration story is one                                                                Federal election advance

        of great success: Minister Hussen                                                                    polls open this weekend

                                                                                 perpetuated by a number of
        SABRINA ALMEIDA                                                          unverified  reports  that
                                                                                 emerged during the Syrian
                                                                                 refugee  crisis.  Recent  TORONTO                assigned advance polling
        MISSISSAUGA                                                              refugees to Canada receive                       station location on the
                                                                                 one year of support from the  Voters who may be tied up  back  of  their  voter
        Minister of Immigration,                                                 government. After that they  on October 21, could do so  information  card.
        Refugees and Citizenship,                                                are expected to either work  between October 11-14  Canadians can also vote
        Ahmed Hussen clarifies                                                    or find other ways to support  which happens to be this  at any Elections Canada
        concerns about the refugee,                                              themselves. They are also not  Thanksgiving weekend.  office before Tuesday,
        international student and                                                paid more than what the   Advance polling happens  October 15, 6 p.m. using
        family      reunification                                                 other Canadians (veterans,  from October 11-14 from 9  the  specialballot
        programs in an interview  All newcomers to Canada are  belonging to Canada. Many  seniors and others) are paid  a.m. to 9 p.m. There are six  process.
        with CanIndia News.      given the supports they need  have mastered one of our  by the government.   ridings in Mississauga as  For more information,
                                 to succeed so that they can  official languages and are  This misinformation is being  well as five in Brampton.  voters can visit
        How do you address       contribute faster to Canadian  working.         spread by a number of     Voters can find their   or call 1-800-463-6868
        concerns about the large  society. It is true that  We as a society can be  different groups that want to
        number of refugees Canada  refugees on average require a  compassionate  towards  demonize  refugees.
        is accepting?            little more support than  refugees while at the same  Accepting refugees has been
        If someone comes to our  highly  skilled  economic  time being there for our  part of our long tradition and  New Jersey to mark Guru
        country seeking asylum from  immigrants but providing  veterans,  seniors  and  we have been a better
        persecution, we are obligated  protection to the most  families, and making sure  country as a result of it.  Nanak birth anniversary
        by          international  persecuted in the world is not  that our young people have
        commitments which are also  just a tradition but part of  access to jobs and skills  The dramatic increase of
        embedded in Canadian law  our laws.              development. It’s not a  international students and  as World Equality Day
        to give them an opportunity  Make no mistake that  mutually exclusive thing.  illegal practices they indulge
        to make a claim. Whether it  refugees resettled in Canada                in like enroling in shell
        is genuine or not is     do contribute. A recent  Marginalized Canadians feel  institutions, working for  TRENTON, NJ      an integral part of the Sikh
        determined    by    the  report showed that nine out  they are receiving less  cash and more than the                      tradition, a movement that
        independent immigration  of ten of the resettled Syrian  support than refugees.  stipulated hours are a  The state of New Jersey will  strives to conquer communal
        refugee board.           refugees have a sense of  This  is  a  falsehood  growing concern.       mark November 12, the 550th  hatred and division by
                                                                                 International   students  birth anniversary of Guru  following the sacred teachings
                                                                                 contribute over 15 billion  Nanak, the founder of  of Guru Nanak and his tenets
                                                                                 dollars to our economy every  Sikhism, as World Equality  of honest work, charity and
        Not for others to comment on Kashmir,                                    single year and enrich our  Day.                  reverence to God,"
                                                                                                                                   "A spiritual thinker and
                                                                                                          The Senate and General
                                                                                 classrooms. It is true that
                                                                                 there has been growth in the  Assembly of the State of New  religious innovator, Guru
        says India after Imran-Xi meeting                                        number of international  Jersey  passed  resolution  Nanak denounced the caste
                                                                                 students coming to Canada
                                                                                                                                   system and instead preached
                                                                                 and for the most part it works
                                                                                 out fine. But just like in any  regarding the same.  about the common bonds
                                                                                                                                   shared by all humanity, and
                                                                                                          In the resolution, it said that
        NEW DELHI                the internal affairs of  Charter,  relevant  UN  other program in which there  on November 12, the Sikh  his timeless message of
                                 India."                 Security Council resolutions  is a massive increase of  community will celebrate the  equality among all men and
        Two days ahead of Chinese  India has maintained that  and bilateral agreements.  people using it there are  "550th birthday of Guru  women, regardless of class,
        President Xi Jinping's visit  revocation of Article 370 on  "China  opposes  any  some challenges that come  Nanak, the esteemed founder  creed and gender, is to be
        for the informal summit  special status to Kashmir is  unilateral  actions  that  along. We are dealing with  of Sikhism, which counts  remembered not only on the
        with   Prime   Minister  a wholly internal matter  complicate the situation.  those.              nearly 30 million adherents  anniversary of his birth but
        Narendra    Modi     at  and related to the Indian  The two sides underlined  Overall the story is one of  throughout the world and  for all the days to come." it
        Mahabalipuram, India on  Constitution, and other  that a peaceful, stable,  great success. Many of these  roughly one million devotees  said.
        Wednesday voiced its pique  countries have nothing to  cooperative and prosperous  students go back to their  in the US."  It  said  the  legislature
        over Kashmir figuring in  do with it.            South Asia was in common  countries of origin and  It said the "Sikh community,  recognises November 12,
        talks between Pakistan PM  Sources said that Kashmir  interest of all parties.  become great ambassadors  began immigrating to the US  2019, the birthday of Guru
        Imran Khan and Xi, saying  and Article 370 would not  Parties need to settle  for Canada. Some choose to  more than a 100 years ago,  Nanak as World Equality Day
        "It is not for other countries  figure in the Xi-Modi talks  disputes and issues in the  stay, and we encourage that.  and since then Sikhs have  and urges all New Jerseyans
        to comment on the internal  on  October  11-12  in  region through dialogue on  They are young and have  played a vital role in the  to participate fittingly in the
        affairs of India".       Mahabalipuram, and if Xi  the basis of equality and  studied in our institutions.  growth and vitality of the  observations.
        With preparations complete  wanted to know more about  mutual respect," it said.  Why would we not want  nation and in its prosperity  The resolution was signed by
        for the meeting between Xi  the issue, it would be  However,  on  Tuesday,  them to stay on and   and success".            Stephen  M    Sweeney,
        and Modi in Tamil Nadu's  explained to him.      China had sounded a     contribute to our        "A holistic understanding of  president of the Senate, and
        Mahabalipuram,      the  The joint statement issued  somewhat placatory note on  society?         peace, supported by the ideas  Assembly Speaker Craig
        Ministry of External Affairs  on Wednesday after the  Kashmir.           They would make    P.4   of equality and fraternity, is  Coughlin.
        spokesperson    Raveesh  talks between Imran Khan  Chinese Foreign Ministry
        Kumar, commenting on a   and Xi Jinping in Beijing  spokesperson Geng Shuang
        report of the talks between  had an entire para devoted  had said in Beijing that it  Conservatives will stop illegal border crossers
        Xi and Imran Khan in     to Kashmir.             "calls on India and Pakistan
        Beijing on Wednesday, said:  "The Pakistan side briefed  to engage in dialogue and  OTTAWA        chaos and mismanagement,”  women, girls, and members of
        "We have seen the report  the Chinese side on the  consultation on all issues                     Scheer said. “When everybody  the LGBTQ+ community.
        regarding  meeting   of  situation in Jammu and  including Kashmir issue  A    new    Conservative  follows the rules and the laws  Some other priorities are:
        Chinese   President  Xi  Kashmir,  including  its  and consolidate mutual  government will restore public  are enforced, immigration is  •  Prioritizing those
        Jinping with Pakistan's  concerns, position, and  trust. This is in line with the  confidence  in  Canada’s  good for the economy, good  who apply to come to Canada
        Prime Minister Imran Khan  current urgent issues. The  interest of both countries  immigration  system  by  for jobs, and good for the  through  the  appropriate
        which also refers to their  Chinese side responded that  and common aspiration of  stopping the flow of illegal  people who have chosen to  immigration  streams,
        discussions on Kashmir.  it was paying close attention  the world".      border crossers from the  come to Canada.        especially in the family
        "India's position has been  to the current situation in  In its Tuesday statement,  United States and prioritizing  The Conservatives vowed to  reunification program.
        consistent and clear that  Jammu & Kashmir and   China had refrained from  newcomers from the world’s  prioritize funding to support  •  Closing the loophole
        Jammu & Kashmir is an    reiterated that the Kashmir  mentioning  the  UN  most dangerous countries,  immigration services like  in the Safe Third Country
        integral part of India. China  issue is a dispute left from  Security Council resolution  leader Andrew Scheer said.  language training, credential  Agreement.
        is well aware of our     history, and should be  and UN charter, as it had  “Canadians’ confidence in the  recognition, as well as services  •  Moving
        position. It is not for other  properly and peacefully  done  earlier  in  its  immigration system has been  specifically  designed  for  existing Immigration  P.8
        countries to comment on  resolved based on the UN  statements on Kashmir.   rocked by Justin Trudeau’s  vulnerable newcomers like  and Refugee Board
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