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VOL: 19  NO: 39  § SEPTEMBER 28,  2018                              #CANINDIANEWS

        SC whittles down Aadhaar scheme                                                                   Police apprehend 3 connected

                                                                                                          to Brampton’s stick brawls

        NEW DELHI                                                                and regulations framed
                                                                                 under it and the framework
        In a landmark judgement,                                                 prior to the enactment of the
        the Supreme Court on                                                     Act were unconstitutional.
        Wednesday   by  a   4:1                                                  "...if no fresh legislation has
        majority judgement upheld                                                been enacted by the union
        the legality of Aadhaar for                                              government in conformity
        use only in government-                                                  with the principles which
        funded   social  benefit                                                  have been enunciated in this
        schemes and PAN and                                                      judgment,   the    data
        Income Tax Return (ITR)                                                  (collected for Aadhaar) shall
        while    junking    its                                                  be destroyed.
        requirement for mobile                                                   Justice Chandrachud said
        phone connections, bank                                                  that passing the Aadhaar
        accounts, school admissions                                              law as money bill was
        and          competitive  it will only be used for government social benefit programs,  unconstitutional  and  a
        examinations.            PAN and income tax returns                      "fraud on the Constitution"  BRAMPTON            of stick brawls that occurred
        A five-judge bench headed                                                 because it was not a money                       at parking lots around
        by Chief Justice Dipak                                                   bill.                    The community is relieved to  Brampton since December
        Misra held that Aadhaar  Bhushan   delivered  a  Aadhaar project operates."  Speaking for the majority,  know that the Peel Regional  2017.
        would be voluntary and not  separate but concurring  In his dissenting judgement,  Justice Sikri said linking of  Police have made some  Although many in the
        mandatory.               judgment.               Justice D.Y. Chandrachud  Aadhaar for opening and  serious  headway  in  community pin the blame on
        The majority judgment,   Rejecting the apprehensions  held that the entire Aadhaar  with existing bank accounts,  identifying  and  international students for
        which struck and read down  of the petitioners, the  programme since 2009  getting a mobile number,  apprehending individuals  this wave of violence, the
        or    clarified  various  majority judgment held that  suffered from constitutional  appearing for CBSE, NEET,  responsible for a series of  police have refused to
        provisions of the Aadhaar  the architecture of Aadhaar  infirmities and violated  JEE, UGC examinations  stick brawls that alarmed  confirm it. The police have
        Act, was read out by Justice  as well as the provisions of  fundamental rights. The  and admission in schools  law-abiding residents of  only gone so far as to say that
        A.K. Sikri speaking for Chief  the Aadhaar Act do not tend  enactment of Aadhaar Act  was not mandatory.  Brampton.       the accused are all Brampton
        Justice Misra and Justice  to create a surveillance state.  does not save the Aadhaar  The court in its 1,448  These  individuals  are  residents between the
        A.M.   Khanwilkar  and   "This is ensued by the  project.                page judgement said  A.10  believed responsible for the  ages of 19 and 37. So  A.3
        himself.  Justice  Ashok  manner in which the    The Aadhaar Act, the rules  the  government's    much-publicized viral videos  far three have been

        Premier Ford vows to hold Liberals                                            Ontario                 OPP crackdown on

        accountable in spending scandal                                               stalls 2019             seatbelt offenders

        TORONTO                         and gather evidence  and Prabmeet Singh Sarkaria  minimum
                                        for a final report  (Brampton South).
        Premier Ford has                expected in December.  Expectedly, the Liberals have
        expressed outrage               Finance Minister Vic  disagreed with the auditor  wage hike
        over     former                 Fedeli  said   the  general  over  accounting
        Premier Kathleen                province will have to  principles applied to two
        Wynne’s handling                make sacrifices as it  pensions plans and its Fair  TORONTO
        of Ontario's books              grapples with a $15  Hydro Plan, a situation the
        He is billing it as             billion   projected  fiscal watchdog said meant the  Ontario’s  Progressive
        the "the biggest  Premier Ford will  deficit for 2018-2019.   province understated its deficit  Conservative government
        government       form a committee  Meanwhile   the  by billions.              announcement  that  it
        scandal  in   a to get to the   government     has  A  review  of   spending  would stall the increase to  TORONTO          indicate  that  people
        generation." Ford's bottom of it all  recommended  commissioned by Premier    minimum wage scheduled                        between 25 and 34 are the
        vow to hold the                 appointing committee  Doug Ford says selling off  for 2019 is another example  Following  the  record  worst offenders when it
        previous regime accountable  to  investigate  Liberal  crown assets to bring short-  of Ontario Premier Ford’s  number of deaths because  comes  to  not  using
        came in a speech to caucus  accounting practices, decision  term cash into provincial coffers  ‘Promises Made Promises  of not wearing a seatbelt,  seatbelts.
        delivered days after his finance  making and policy objectives.  could be a game-changer.  Kept’  campaign  trail  the OPP is clamping down  The  OPP  will  be
        minister  announced  the  The following six MPP names  Among the first to go could be  mantra.         on motorists who are not  conducting a week-long,
        province was dealing with a  have been suggested Ross  the LCBO.              Labour Minister Laurie  wearing a seatbelt or are  province-wide  seatbelt
        recently revised $15 billion  Romano (Sault Ste. Marie),  The review is also pushing for  Scott confirmed in a press  using a seatbelt improperly.  enforcement and safety
        deficit because of Liberal  Lindsay Park (Durham), Robin  "divestiture" if the business case  conference  that  the  This year alone, 34 people  blitz until Oct. 5. A driver
        accounting practices.     Martin (Eglinton-Lawrence),  warrants.              minimum wage will remain  have died as a result. In  charged with a seatbelt
        Ford said the committee will  Doug  Downey  (Barrie-  The report also urges the  at $14 an hour rather  2017, that number was 49  offence will face a $240 fine
        have the power to call    Springwater-Oro-Medonte),  government to reconsider the  than rising to $15 as  people.           and will be deducted two
        witnesses, compel documents  Roman Baber (York Centre)  universality of social programs.   planned  by  the  A.4  Other numbers released  demerit points.
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