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               VOL: 20  NO: 36 § SEPTEMBER 6,  2019      #CANINDIANEWS

          Islamophobia and                 Comedian Hasan Minhaj                                                          Liberal MP

            climate change                                                                                            accuses party
              top issues at                roasts Trudeau on ‘Patriot Act’

          Muslim town hall                                                                                           of pandering to
          Wednesday                                                                                                  Ramesh Sangha, MP for Brampton
          night,  it  was
          climate change                                                                                                 Centre, attacks his party
          Islamophobia                                                                                              TORONTO
          that worried the
          approximately                                                                                             Ontario Liberal MP
          200 young people  NDP's Jagmeet                                                                           Ramesh Sangha who
          who attended the                                                                                          represents  Ontario’s
          town hall hosted  Singh outlines a                                                                        Brampton    Centre
          by the National plan to tackle                                                                            riding created a stir
          Canadian Council racism                                                                                   when he attacked his
          of Muslims with                  Getting into the nitty gritty of Trudeau’s politics                      party in a recent
          Federal NDP leader Jagmeet Singh.                                                                         Punjabi-language
          Suddenly it seems climate change is                                                                       5AAB TV interview. He accused the Liberal
          worrying not just young Muslims but  OTTAWA              contradictions —  and so is  by saying Canada takes  Party of “pandering” to Khalistanis who want
          liberal-minded people in the western                     Trudeau, despite his global  breaking contracts and its  their own independent state in India.
          world. "I think it's all for nothing if  No journalist interviewing the  reputation as a progressive  legal responsibilities seriously.  In the interview he said: “There is no doubt,
          we're choking on our fumes and  Canadian PM Justin Trudeau  politician.          But the biggest topic in the  there cannot be two opinions that the Liberal
          melting into the abyss, so that's a key  has ever come close to  Minhaj dwells on Quebec’s  episode is pipelines. Canada  party is pandering (to) Khalistan supporters.
          one," said Zaid Al-Rawni, CEO of non-  exposing his hypocrisy and  new secularism bill in this  sells itself as a leader when it  One thing is for sure, when we raise this issue,
          profit Islamic Relief Canada.    double-standards the way  segment and breaks down the  comes to climate change, but  it will raise an anti-India slogan or demand
          "I'm looking for a political leader that  comedian Hasan Minhaj  did  complex the SNC-Lavalin  also has the third largest  the division of India on some ground. In that,
          knows that climate change exists," said  when he interviewed Trudeau  scandal for an international  reserve of oil in the world, and  ultimately our relations, the Canada-India
          Ryerson University student Feaven  in his latest episode of the hit  audience who would be  “refining it causes a lot of  relationship will certainly develop cracks.”
          Abera.                          show “Patriot Act”.      unfamiliar with the details.  pollution.”        The interviewer asked if  the party had a “soft
          NDP leader Jagmeet Singh talked  The host starts out pretty  The episode touches on other  Trudeau  defended  his  corner” for Khalistanis. “It does,” he
          about the NDP's plans to fight  tame,   commenting  on   issues,  including  many  decision on the issue by saying  responded.
          racism, including making social  Trudeau’s  conventionally  Canadians opposing the entry  society still needs oil and  One media report said Sangha’s comments
          media platforms responsible for  attractive looks and then  of more refugees, and Canada  pipelines are the best way to  seemed to place the blame on the Sikh
          removing   extremist   content,  making him play a game to  touting  itself  as  a  move it trying to spin it to by  Canadian cabinet ministers and other MPs,
          boosting enforcement against hate  decide if he was looking at a  peacekeeping country yet  adding that the profits will go  noting that Trudeau himself has made clear
          crimes, and passing a federal law to  photo of a world leader or one  making money off the sale of  towards transitioning to  he supports the status quo in India.
          ban carding.                    of Minhaj’s friends’ dads.  arms to Algeria, Nigeria,  cleaner energy.    “(The prime minister) said in strong words
          "It is really difficult for Muslims  But then Minhaj gets into the  Egypt, Libya, and Iraq.  “What you’re saying sounds  that we don’t want a divided India, we want
          right now," Singh said. "There is a lot  nitty gritty, pointing out that  Minhaj even presses Trudeau  like trying to whiten your  a united India and we will work for that,” said
          of fear. People are being targeted for  Canada’s upcoming election  to stop selling arms to Saudi  teeth by drinking wine at  the MP. “Sikh ministers, MPs of our Sikh
          who they are."                  has         international  Arabia, pointing out that  every meal,” Minhaj tells him.  brotherhood, these brothers of mine, they
          Toronto had the largest population  consequences.  As  the  Canada has condemned that  For those who have Netflix,  have their own … These are their own views
          of Muslim people of any city    episode’s title points out (“The  country for its involvement in  check out the episode, those  and as long as they demand it, it is viewed
          according to the census, at just over  Two Sides of Canada”), the  the death of journalist Jamal  with internet access could  that they are separatists. When this view
          424,900.                        country   is   full  of  Khashoggi. Trudeau responds  watch it on YouTube.   surfaces, India also voices its hard view.”
          According to the 2011 census, which                                                                       MP Ramesh Sangha is said to be friends with
          is the latest data available, just over                                                                   Capt. Amarinder Singh, the Punjab state
          a million people in Canada self-                                                                          governor and this broadside against his own
          identified as Muslim, representing                                                                        party will be seen as a ploy to set himself apart
          3.2 per cent of the country's total  Chidambaram                     Cheaper telecom a                    from the other South Asian MPs in the
          population.                                                                                               Liberal party.
          Statistics Canada says Ontario is                                    major election issue                 Jordan Boswell, NDP candidate for
          home to 55.2 per cent of the Muslim  sent to Tihar jail                                                   Brampton Centre slammed the Liberals and
          population,  with  the  roughly                                                                           the Conservatives for dividing communities.
          582,000 Muslims living in Ontario  NEW DELHI                         OTTAWA                               He said in a statement: “It was very
          representing 4.6 per cent of the                                                                          disappointing to see comments from a
          province's population.           Former     Finance                  A rare consensus is building up among major  Liberal MP and candidate claiming that his
          "In Canada we are more of a mosaic.  Minister    P.                  political parties that Canadians need  own colleagues are ‘pandering’ to Sikh
          We have people from various      Chidambaram has been                protecting from gouging by the big telecom  separatist sentiments. It’s not acceptable to
          backgrounds. People come from all  lodged in jail number-7           companies. Called phone-bill populism, it  say that Sikh Canadians are anything but
          over the world just to live here and to  which is for economic       could be a make-or-break issue for the parties  proud Canadians. Irresponsible comments
          be able to practise their religion and  offenders in the capital's   as they head toward the October 21 vote.  like these divide instead of unite – and paint
          culture in safety," she said.    Tihar Jail.         On trial for    Seniors in particular are peeved with the  communities with a broad brush –
          Politics and law should reflect that,  Chidambaram's  son  financial crimes  rising cost of telecom rates given their steady  marginalizing communities and putting them
          she said, with governing parties  Karti  Chidambaram                 pension. So political candidates are  at risk.
          enacting laws that protect vulnerable  was also lodged in the        scrambling to ensure their respective parties  “Sadly, this is not the first time that the
          populations.                     same jail earlier.                  can promise to get those prices under control.  Liberals have made accusations like this.
          The number of police-reported hate  The court has allowed the former Union  The New Democrats under Jagmeet Singh  Their 2018 terrorism report presented both
          crimes in Canada reached an all-  minister to take his medicines along with him.  laid out their plan for reducing wireless and  Sikh and Muslim communities as extremists.
          time high in 2017, largely driven by  Since Chidambaram enjoys Z-category  internet-service rates, announcing in June  And the Conservatives under Andrew Scheer
          incidents targeting Muslim, Jewish  security, the court also allowed him to be kept  they would impose a “price cap” on monthly  and Stephen Harper also have a history of
          and black people, according to   in a separate cell with adequate arrangements  bills that they estimated will save households  relying on divisions in society to get ahead.
          Statistics Canada.               for his security.                   about $10 a month for each service.  New Democrats celebrate diversity and will
          But after that spike, the number of  The court here sent Chidambaram to 14 days'  The NDP plan would see rates matched to an  always condemn comments that seek to
          police-reported hate crimes dropped  judicial custody in the INX Media case.  average across the 36 countries that  divide Canadians. The Sikh community here
          13 per cent last year, from 2,073  The senior Congress leader, who was  make up the Organization for      in Brampton is owed an explanation and an
          incidents to 1,798.              arrested by the CBI in the case last  P.10  Economic  Co-operation  and P.3  apology for these comments.”
                                           month   and   had   undergone       Development (OECD), the party said.
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