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VOL: 20  NO: 14 § APRIL 5,  2019                                      #CANINDIANEWS

        US deems Canada ‘major

        money laundering country’

        WASHINGTON, DC           list of countries vulnerable to  launderers are key threat  borders.     collects data on suspicious  real estate-, casino-and
                                 significant  drug  money  actors.”               Weak law enforcement and  transactions from entities  trade-based  money
        Canada has always been   laundering  transactions  The report says Canada is  prosecution is a consequence  such as banks and realtors  laundering, especially in
        particularly sensitive to  alongside  Afghanistan, the  especially vulnerable to  of Canada’s privacy laws and  (although realtors often do  high-risk areas such as
        suggestions that it is soft on  British  Virgin  Islands,  money laundering through  loopholes.   not comply with reporting  Vancouver, Toronto and
        crime. Now a March 2019  China,  Colombia   and  casinos, real estate, money  According to the most recent  laws, according to Fintrac).  Montreal is expected to
        report  by   the   U.S.  Macau.                  services businesses, currency  data, from 2010 to 2014,  Canada was also designated  blunt the US assessment
        Department of State has  “Foreign-generated proceeds  exchanges, wire exchanges,  only 169 charges of money  as a “major precursor  slightly.
        designated Canada as “major  of crime are laundered in  offshore corporations, legal  laundering led to convictions  country” for illicit narcotics  But it be a while before
        money laundering country”  Canada, and professional,  “funnel accounts” and bulk  in Canada, the report says.  and a source country for  Canada earns the reputation
        where    foreign  drug-  third-party     money   cash    and     hawala  The report notes that    fentanyl.               for being tough on financial
        trafficking gangs seem to be  laundering is a key concern,”  transactions — meaning  Canadian police do not have  Meanwhile  the  federal  crime  and  on  crime
        exploiting with impunity its  the  report  states.  international exchanges of  direct  access  to  the  government’s proposed a  generally and finds itself
        lax law enforcement and soft  “Transnational  organized  credit and debt between  databases  of  Fintrac,  new anti-money laundering  viewed favourably by law
        laws.                    crime    groups    and  criminal bankers without  Canada’s     financial  task force in the federal  enforcement  agencies
        Canada finds itself on a short  professional  money  money actually crossing  intelligence agency. Fintrac  budget to crack down on  around the world.

        Plan to have Ontario teachers                                                                      Lion Air Indian

        take mandatory annual math test                                                                    pilot’s widow
                                                                                                           blasts Boeing


        If all goes according to plan,
        the Ontario PC government
        will put in place mandatory
        annual math testing for
        teachers   across   the
        According   to  sources
        quoted in media reports,
        teachers would be required
        to pass the test in order to
        continue to teach.                                                                                  Sethi discovered that her husband received no training
        The test would apply to                                                                             on the anti-stall software
        teachers  at  both  the
        primary and secondary level                                                                         WASHINGTON, DC        prevented if appeals to
        even if the educator did not                                                                                              ground the 737 Max 8
        primarily         teach                                                                             Garima Sethi, the widow  fleet were given more
        mathematics.                                                                                        of Indian pilot on Lion  weight by the airline and
        The          Progressive  EQAO data showed that only 49% of Grade 6 students met provincial standards last year  Air flight that plunged  others.
        Conservative government                                                                             into the sea in October  Sethi, wife of 31-year-
        has repeatedly promised to                                                                          claiming 189 lives, has  old Bhavye Suneja, told
        take measures to improve  This week legislation was  receiving their licence to  administer it. What is  accused  Boeing  of  the Washington Post
        student math scores which  passed  requiring  all  teach.                certain are several        "playing with lives" and  that January wasn't the
        have been declining for  aspiring teachers in Ontario  It is not clear what the test  rounds  of    said the second crash  first time when
        years across the province.  to pass a math test before  will look like or who will  consultations with  A.6  involving  the  same  she pleaded with  A.10
                                                                                                            model could have been  Lion  Air  and

        Nation first, party next,                                                 Community meet to discuss 2018

        says BJP veteran Advani                                                   Public Safety Terror Report on April 7

                                                                                 TORONTO                  (Khalistani) Extremism” in  place and also to provide an
        NEW DELHI                                        diversity and freedom of                         the 2018 Public Report on  update to the community as
                                                         expression," Advani said in  The Ontario Sikh and  the Terrorism Threat to  to steps that have been taken
        In a veiled criticism of Prime                   his blog post, writing after a  Gurdwaras Council and the  Canada.       to address the concerns that
        Minister Narendra Modi                           gap of four years.      Ontario       Gurdwaras  Community members will be  have been expressed and any
        and BJP President Amit                           "Right from its inception,  Committee in partnership  invited to discuss the impact  results that have been
        Shah, BJP veteran L.K.                           the BJP has never regarded  with  the  World  Sikh  this section has had on them  achieved.
        Advani on Thursday said his                      those who disagree with us  Organization of Canada will  and the image of Canadian  The 2018 Public Safety
        party never viewed those                         politically as our 'enemies',  be hosting a community  Sikhs as whole. Members of  Report, which was met with
        who disagreed with it                            but only as our adversaries.  meeting on April 7, from 2  Parliament  and  elected  widespread criticism for
        politically as "anti-national"                   "Similarly, in our conception  pm to 4 p.m., at Brampton  officials from across the  references  to  religious
        but only as "adversaries".                       of         Indian       City Hall (Atrium) located at  Greater Toronto Area have  communities, included
        "The essence of Indian   He did not get a BJP ticket for  nationalism,  we  A.11  2 Wellington Street West, on  also been invited to hear the  no particular details  A.5
        democracy is respect for  the upcoming election  have never regarded     the  inclusion  of  “Sikh  conversations that will take  or evidence of any
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