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VOL: 20  NO: 13  § MARCH 29,  2019                                    #CANINDIANEWS

        Trudeau has lower

        approval rating

        than Trump

        TORONTO                  Canadians and did little to  cent and the Bloc Quebecois
                                 change the sagging fortunes  five per cent.
        Not so long ago, PM Justin  of the Liberals.     In seat-rich Ontario, the
        Trudeau who was seen as  The Conservatives now enjoy  Conservatives (40 per cent)  A new Ipsos poll finds Trudeau at 40% which is below Trump's 43%
        the opposite of US President  high numbers in Ontario  have opened up a 12-point
        Donald Trump now has the  and  British  Columbia,  lead over the Liberals, who
        dubious   distinction  of  meanwhile PM Trudeau is  are tied with the NDP at 28  foregone conclusion, with  respondents.  at this stage in 2015, with
        having a lower approval  falling behind  among two  per cent.            the Conservatives (63 per  The NDP, with only 12 per  Harper having a 47 per cent
        rating than him.  The recent  key demographics -women  The Tories also enjoy a  cent) light-years ahead of  cent of the vote support, is  rating in April 2015.
        SNC-Lavalin scandal and a  and young people.     double-digit lead in British  the Liberals (17 per cent)  poised to lose most if not all  Still there are several
        number of earlier missteps  If an election were held  Columbia,  where  the  and NDP (15 per cent).  of its seats in Quebec.  months before Canadians go
        have taken its toll.     tomorrow, the Conservatives  Liberals and NDP are in a  Liberals are only ahead in  Trudeau’s 40 per cent rating  the polls and a lot can
        A new Global News Ipsos  would receive 40 per cent of  scrap for second place.  Quebec, where they have the  is also lower than that of  happen between now and
        poll finds Trudeau’s approval  the vote among decided  Alberta looks to be a  support of 38 per cent of  former PM Stephen Harper  then.
        rating (40 per cent) is now  voters, according to the poll
        below Trump’s (43 per cent),  of  1,002  Canadians
        even as the Conservative  conducted between March
        Party established a double-  25 and 27.          Small businesses fearful as carbon tax kicks in
        digit lead over the Liberals.  The Liberals would receive
        The Liberal government’s  30 per cent of the vote —  OTTAWA              The federal carbon pricing  businesses, local governments  also wondering who is
        federal   budget   was   down one point — while the                      backstop kicks in April 1 in the  and other organizations. The  required to register with the
        uninspiring to a lot of  NDP would receive 21 per
                                                         Carbon tax kicks in on April 1  four provinces that didn’t have  rebates for individuals are  Canada Revenue Agency to
                                                         and even though it is April  their own carbon pricing  already flowing as tax returns  collect or apply the charge,
                                                         Fool’s Day, this is no joke. It is  system  –  Saskatchewan,  get filed, but the program to  and for whom registration is
          Australia gets first                           estimated that about half a  Manitoba, Ontario and New  help small and medium  optional.
                                                                                                                                  The tax is being applied
                                                                                                          businesses has yet to be put
                                                         million businesses will be
                                                                                 Brunswick. Nunavut and
                                                         impacted and they are saying  Yukon, both of which asked to  into place.  starting at $20 per tonne of
          Sikh MP                                        they are simply not ready.  use the federal system, will  No one knows just who will  greenhouse gas emissions
                                                                                                                                  produced, rising to $50 by
                                                                                                          get exemptions and what kind
                                                                                 start on July 1.
                                                         Adding to their consternation
                                                         is not being clear how exactly
                                                                                                          required to prove payment or
                                                                                 all the funds collected in
                                                         they will be compensated for  Ottawa has pledged to return  of documentation will be  2022. It applies to 21  A.5
                                                                                                                                  different input fuels
          CANBERRA, Australia
                                                         the added cost.         rebates  to  individuals,  exemptions. Operators are  and  combustible
          Australia has got its first
          Sikh MP in Gurmesh
          Singh Sidhu, a fourth                          Shatrughan Sinha leaves BJP                      Owner of trucking company
          generation  Australian,
          who won from Coffs                                                                              involved in Humboldt bus
          Harbour constituency to                        and heads to the Congress
          reach New South Wales                                                                           crash fined $5,000
          (NSW) state parliament.
          Gurmesh is also chairman                                                                        SASKATOON               not having or following a
          of Oz Group Cooperative  gurmesh singh sidhu is a                                                                       written safety program.
          – a group of blueberry  new south wales mp                                                      Sukhmander Singh owner of  Court documents showed the
          growing Sikh farmers,                                                                           Adesh     Deol                  offences occurred
          which happens to be one  Andrew Fraser’s footsteps                                              Trucking, whose                 between January 1
          of the biggest suppliers of  by being a strong local                                            truck was involved              and March 31 —
          blueberries in Australia.  member who isn’t afraid                                              in  the  deadly                 prior to the fatal
          Gurmesh was fielded by  to  fight   for   our                                                     Humboldt Broncos                crash on April 6.
          the National Party of  community on the big                                                     bus crash admitted              Singh’s lawyer said
          Australia after Andrew  issues that will see our                                                in court he did not             her client needs
          Fraser, who remained MP  region remain strong“.  Their photo together confirmed the alliance    follow provincial               until the end of next
          for 28 years, decided to  In his introductory post,                                             and federal safety              year to pay the fine.
          retire. Of the total 41,581  Gurmesh called himself a  NEW DELHI       outlet.                  rules in the months  Sukhmander Singh  “He is the primary
          votes, Gurmesh bagged  national’s candidate who                        The BJP and Sinha have had  leading up to the pleaded guilty to  breadwinner for the
          18,172 while the rest got  was a “third generation  Actor-turned-politician  a difficult few years and what  collision.  safety charges  family. He tells me
          divided among seven   Coffs local.” He has two  Shatrughan Sinha has finally  pushed Sinha to take this step  On Wednesday his   he’s   currently
          candidates, who could not  children with his wife.  decided to join the Congress.  was when the party  named a  lawyer pleaded guilty on his  unemployed and unable to get
          touch the five-digit figure.  “I have worked in various  His meeting with Congress  different candidate, Union  behalf to five charges.  any work because of the
          The  cooperative  was  industries,     from    president Rahul Gandhi and  Minister  Ravi  Shankar  Singh, 37, was fined a total of  media  attention  from
          formed after the decline of  marketing to design, as  their  photo  together  Prasad, for his Patna Sahib  $5,000 and the Calgary-based  Humboldt,” Sadaf Raja told
          the local banana industry.  well as agriculture. I want  confirmed what had been  constituency in Bihar. The  trucking company is no longer  the judge, who granted the
          Just four berry-growing  to make sure that our  brewing for days.      two-time  parliamentarian  in business.          request.
          families of Coffs Coast  region grows, our smaller  "He (Rahul Gandhi) was very  may contest in the seat as a  The  convictions  include  Later, outside court, Raja said
          Sikh community founded  industries  are  not   encouraging and positive. He  Congress candidate now.  failing to keep a daily driver’s  her client is remorseful. “We
          it and now it already has  forgotten, I want to see  praised me saying I had  Shatrughan Sinha will join  log, neglecting to ensure his  were all saddened by what
          around 100 growers.   less of red tape and taxes  handled  attacks  and  the Congress on April 6,  drivers complied with safety  took place. Everybody because
          “Born and raised here, I  to help small business  vilification in the BJP with  tweeted party leader  regulations and having more  of the type of case — it’s
          want to continue in   thrive,” he said.        dignity," Shatrughan Sinha,  Shaktisinh Gohil.  A.10  than one daily logbook.  hockey, it’s Canada — we all
                                                         72, told a television news  "I       have        Singh also pleaded guilty to  related to it in some way.”
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