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VOL: 20  NO: 12  § MARCH 22,  2019                                    #CANINDIANEWS

        The 2019 Federal budget is                                                                         Budget Highlights

                                                                                                           • $1.7 billion over five  • $4.7 billion in new
        all about the middle-class                                                                         years for new skills    money for Indigenous
                                                                                                           training tax credits,
                                                                                                                                   communities, including
                                                                                                           including a credit for
                                                                                                           eligible workers to pay for  for settling land claims;
                                                                                                                                   “governance support”;
        OTTAWA                                                                   $1.2 billion will be spent over  training fees, and a credit  improving child welfare
                                                                                 5 years for border security and  supporting training for  services; promoting
        As expected, Finance Minister                                            modernization, and for the
        Bill Morneau’s final budget                                               asylum system.            people receiving EI     Indigenous languages;
        before the next election in                                              A   personalized  Canada                          and improving health
        October is designed to                                                   Training Credit of $250 a year  •  $1 billion to increase  and safety in
        encourage the middle-class to                                            (up to $5,000 lifetime) for job  affordability of high-cost  communities.
        go out and vote Liberal.                                                 retraining  has    been   drugs for rare diseases,
        It will run near-term deficits                                            introduced.               plus the creation of a new  • $1.8 billion for retirees,
        of about $20 billion and the                                             There is a  credit of up to  Canadian Drug Agency to  including support for
        Liberals offer no timeline to                                            $5,000 for purchases of   negotiate prescription  low-income seniors,
        return to balance. Apart from                                            electric vehicles.        drug prices “on behalf of  “empowering seniors in
        billions for jobs, pharmacare                                            The interest rate on Canada  Canadians”           their communities” and
        and seniors, Morneau’s plan                                              Student Loans has been
        will spread the cash around.                                             lowered to prime and will be                      a promise to make sure
        Some of the other offerings                                              interest-free for 6 months  • $1.2 billion, including a  that “everyone who is
        include $1.25 billion over 3                                             after graduation.         net $100 million increase  eligible receives Canada
        years on a shared-equity                                                 $595 million goes to support  in international    Pension Plan benefits,”
        mortgage program for first-                                               journalism and includes 15%  assistance that’s only  which is not listed as
        time home buyers.                                                        tax credit for digital news  scheduled for 2023-24,  having a cost.
        The RRSP withdrawal limit  Encouraging Canadians to vote Liberal!        subscriptions.            plus the cost of
        for first-time home buyers has                                            There is also a promise of  extending Canada’s    • $6 billion for research
        also risen to $35,000 from  $2.2 billion is allocated for  cash for cities' infrastructure  high-speed internet for all  training missions in Iraq  in health and science
        $25,000.                 one-time doubling of Gas Tax  spending.         Canadians by 2030.        and Ukraine.

        Long time before Nirav                           Mississauga wins council support to leave Peel Region
        Modi is extradited,                              MISSISSAUGA                                                              city  is   opposed  to

        says UK law expert                               For years now there has been                                             amalgamating with any
                                                                                                                                  other municipality.
                                                         talk of Mississauga wanting                                              If the province doesn't grant
        MUMBAI                                           to go it alone but this week                                             single-tier status to the city,
                                                         there has been some action                                               the motion says, Ontario
        It could probably be a long                      as well. Mississauga Mayor                                               should distinguish the roles
        time before absconding Nirav                     Bonnie Crombie's bid to                                                  of the different tiers to cut
        Modi - who was arrested by                       separate from Peel Region                                                down on duplication.
        the  London  Police  on                          won the support of council,                                              Crombie's  motion  cites
        Wednesday - would actually                       bringing it a step closer to                                             "competing    priorities"
        face the extradition process                     separating from Peel Region.                                             among          member
        initiated by the Indian                          But   Brampton   Mayor                                                   municipalities in Peel, which
        government, a top British law                    Patrick Brown is opposing                                                includes Brampton, Caledon
        expert said on Wednesday.                        the separation saying if                                                 and         Mississauga.
        Modi was held after a UK                         Mississauga were to stand on                                             Mississauga, the motion
        court executed an arrest                         its own, it would have a                                                 says, is the Ontario's third-
        warrant issued against him by  The fugitive jeweller's  "significant debt" to pay to                                       largest city and the sixth
        the Westminster Court on  arrest is seen as a major  fellow Peel municipality                                             largest in Canada.
        March   13,  which  was  victory by India        Brampton.                                                                Brampton’s Mayor Brown
        described as "a major victory"                   "Analysis shows we send  Mayor Bonnie Crombie pushes for the separation  believes that Mississauga
        by India.                police have upto three  $85mn to the region to fund                                              doesn’t have to ‘rip up the
        Last week, Indians were  months arrest a person - in  the growth of other cities.                                         region to attain its goals.
        stunned to see a carefree  this case, Modi - after the  This is not fair to residents  govern our affairs and set our  meaning  it  would  be  Brown  agrees  that
        Modi, sporting an Ostrich  warrant is issued, the legal  and businesses," Crombie  vision without interference."  governed municipally and  duplication of services is an
        leather  jacket,  strutting  luminary told our news  tweeted Wednesday.  The motion calls on the  not be subject to a second  area that should be dealt
        around in London without  service in a brief analysis of  "Our money should go  province to pass legislation to  layer of regional governance  with in order to cut
        worries as Indian agencies  the scenario shortly after  towards  Mississauga  consider  Mississauga  a  — and to maintain its  costs.       A.4
        moved heaven and earth to  Modi's arrest.        priorities. We must be able to  "single-tier" municipality —  current borders, saying the  "Brampton for years
        trace his whereabouts.   Comparing this with another
        ripples of excitement through  fugitive liquor baron, Vijay
                                 (Mallya) was arrested and US to begin accepting new H1-B visa petitions
        the ruling Bharatiya Janata  Mallya, Zaiwalla said that he
        Party (BJP).
        Sarosh Zaiwalla, Founder-  bailed out nearly two months
        Senior Partner at Zaiwalla &  later, when his extradition  WASHINGTON, DC  Like previous years, the  changes announced earlier  chances of petitioners with a
        Co. LLP, UK said that issuing  hearings began.                           regular visa cap limit for H-1B  this year.      US Master's degree.
        the arrest warrant is a first  After the court rules for  The US Citizenship and  this year remains at 65,000.  In January, the USCIS  According to the USCIS, the
        step of the legal process to  Modi's extradition, the British  Immigration  Services  Additionally, another 20,000  introduced a change in the  new change would result in an
        extradite Modi - among the  Home Secretary would be  (USCIS)  would  start  petitioners, who possess a  order in which allocations  estimated 16 per cent rise, or
        prime accused along with his  expected to once again sign  accepting new H1-B visa  Master's, or a higher degree  would be counted.  an increase of 5,340 workers,
        uncle Mehul Choksi and   the order for compliance. At  petitions for the fiscal year  from a US university, will also  The agency will now put all  in  the  selected  H1-B
        others - in the 2018     this stage, complications  2020 starting April 1, the  get the visas.    the petitions including the  petitioners with an advanced
        Rs.13,500-crore  Punjab  could arise only if Modi has  media reported.   But, according to many   ones with advanced degree in  US degree.
        National Bank (PNB) scam.  already  acquired  the  The employment start date for  lawyers, this year may be  the regular cap. In the second  Florida-based  paralegal
        There is also a time-frame  citizenship of any   these visas would be October  extraordinary, mostly because  round, it will select the  Vishal Ghadia told the
        tacked to a warrant - as they  European country or  A.10  1, the American Bazaar daily  of the continued scrutiny as  remaining petitions. The new  American Bazaar: "In  A.11
        do not last forever. So the UK  other international  reported on Monday.  well as some subtle rule  order is expected to increase  the last six years,
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